Dr  Salar

The Dentist

Dr. David Salar

Dr. David Salar is a board certified pediatric dentist who believes in providing dental care to children and adolescents in a gentle and compassionate manner. He graduated from Oregon Health and Sciences University in 2000 with a DMD degree (Doctor of Dental Medicine). Following dental school, Dr. Salar worked as a general dentist in the greater Seattle area. Dr. Salar soon discovered the challenges that parents were facing in being able to find a pediatric dentist that would treat their children in a gentle, atraumatic manner. It was in this setting that he discovered his calling and passion to work with children and adolescents! This led to his completion of pediatric dental specialty training at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale in 2006. During his tenure at Nova Southeastern University, he worked on research in the field of dental materials which was later published in the prestigious Journal of the American Dental Association. Immediately following his graduation from specialty training, he involved himself in the development and improvement of esthetic dental restorations for children. As such, his advice was sought out by one of the pioneering developers of the first esthetic pediatric dental crowns. Dr. Salar firmly believes that children deserve the opportunity to have esthetic dental restorations and he has worked diligently to help make this a reality. As a kid's dentist, Dr. Salar feels that every patient should be treated in the same way he would treat one of his own family members. He is strongly committed to being a children's dentist that provides the highest level of dental care that is available for your child.